C and D

C and D

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Strawberry Pickin'!

We have now gone strawberry picking three years in a row and each of those three times have been three of my favorite days. Ever. This one, easily the best.

Gonna go off on a tangent here but hope to bring it back around. My dad grew up in what I would call "farm town". At least when I was younger I did. I was SUCH a brat and didn't appreciate it and must have thought I was something special being from a big city and all (Charlotte is not a big city........not sure who I thought I was) but I'm constantly reminded and called out by myself about how ridiculous that was. I absolutely love living in the "country". We live at the beach, sure, but there is just as big of a farming, boating, fishing contingent/community down here as there is the touristy beach stuff. And having access to it and raising our kids around it is the coolest thing to me because there is a work ethic, humbleness and just a good "down homeness" thats unique to country life. They are some of THE nicest people I've ever met, honest to God, and that's the kind of person I want to raise. My dad is that kind of guy, my aunt (his sister) who I love so very much is that kind of woman and I'm sure a huge part of that is the way they were raised. In the country :) Sorry dad for being so bratty and not appreciating where you grew up. Its taken me awhile but I'm so on board now.

So, back to it. We went out to Indigo Farms (which turns out to totally be my happy place its GORGEOUS) with some friends and had so much fun. They let us walk around and check out all the animals, literally just in their natural habitat.......we were walking around with some goats and chickens at one point right next to us, just tagging along. No biggie. A donkey came at one point too. Declan and Kaylie (future DIL) were in heaven. The two of them could just hang out with animals all day long.

(Btw all the little bros did so well hanging out while the big kids played and picked - laid back second children)

Then we went to pick strawberries in their gorgeous strawberry field. I'm currently trying to grow them at home in my garden and itssssssssssss not working out. When I saw what a strawberry plant was supposed to look like I felt a little ill. Mine are horrible. Pulling them out tomorrow.

Anyhow, Declan picked and carried an entire bucket himself, went and got another and filled that half way up. The kid is a worker. And he loves strawberries :) Future farmer? I would not be mad at that. He does love to help me in the garden......

It was just such a fun morning with really great friends. So thankful for where we live. We are in the South, in the lowcountry, by the beach. Very hard to beat.....