C and D

C and D

Friday, May 10, 2013

Library time

I am a library lover. When I was younger I would go there to do homework or just get books and read in the chairs for hours on end. There's just something peaceful and comforting about being in there and I still go and borrow books all the time. A little less sitting in chairs and reading peacefully getting lost in a book with no worry about having to be anywhere.

Now it's more chasing my one yr old around while he tries to push every button on the CD player the librarian is trying to play fun music on.

I'm so thankful we have good libraries here with awesome kid programs. Seriously it is such a highlight of our week. Even better when we get to go with fun friends:

Listening very nicely. For 23 seconds.

(Kaylie trying to keep c away from the music.
Gooooooood luck with that one!)

And even better going to the cool playground afterwards!

Kaylie and Declan thought the seesaw was the coolest thing on earth and my quads disagreed.

I did like 324 mini squats that day. Gotta get ready for bathing suit season somehow!

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