C and D

C and D

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summa summa summa tiiiiime

Nana and Pop came up for a quick visit and we went back to the strawberry farm! Declan was so excited to have both his Nana and his bucket.

This kid was all too pleased to just sit and eat. And eat some more.

Another really good CSA veggie share! 

Sugar snaps for days. Still working on these guys....

A fun day at the beach with Nana and Pop!

GiGi and Uncle Boo Boo came out for a quick visit too so we went up to the pool one morning so Decky could get a swimming lesson from the pro!!

Friday afternoon we had a pool party for Declan and his class and it was SUCH a fun night. It was awesome to get to talk to other parents without a time limit and just watch the kids play and swim and swim and play. We all had a blast. So did the kiddies :) We got lucky with his school AND class.

My "special" helpers

Squash for days

Cukes about to pop

Freshly watered jalapenos. There are already about 38 on there. Salsa for the whole neighborhood.......

Baby cherry tomatoes and my baby trying to make a run at my basil. Stink pot.

Bike week. I have nothing else to say.

Memorial Day! We had a really nice time just hanging, swimming and grilling out with our neighbors. 

Cool dude with his cool shades

Good times!

We are off to a good start! So looking forward to the rest of summer!!!

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