C and D

C and D

Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Anniversary!!!!

33 years ago, my parents stood in this spot and promised to love and be faithful and build a family that will last FOREVER together and (almost) 5 years ago they made it possible for Paul and I to promise the same things to each other, in the exact same spot. Coolest moment ever.

33 years is an absolute lifetime and to watch the two of them go thru this lifetime together, so many hard times, so many good times, so many trying times, so many gorgeous and heartwarming times.......all of it. They have done it together and that will ALWAYS be the best lesson they could ever teach my brothers and I.

Happy Anniversary you two :) I have this whole different, amazing appreciation for you two now that I am married with children. I always knew you were special, but to be together and happy after 33 years is one of my top 2 goals in life. Thank you for showing the boys and I what marriage and love and commitment looks like. Here's to 33 more!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIT 'ER DONE!!!!!!!!! (come on...you can do it ;))