C and D

C and D

Monday, May 6, 2013


We have some awesome neighbors. On one side is an elderly couple and the husband is the President of our HOA so I was a little worried he would be all over us about a random branch on his side of the property line but he's completely opposite of that. He, I would say, almost every single day, is out and plays with the boys and gives me really good advice. About life. About the best veggies that grow in our soil down here. About how to freeze-proof our irrigation pump in the winter. About how horrible the newspaper is so don't waste my money on that "horse shit" (he has a serious cursing problem which endears him even more to me) etc etc etc. He makes me laugh and seriously he's a massive massive help to me.

On the other side is a young family where the parents have engineer minds (as well as an enormous amount of tools that Paul and I have to borrow every other day) and a sweet little 6 yr old girl who loooooves Declan and Carrig. We are lucky.

A few weeks ago was the big kids Spring Break so Friday, Chuck (the hubby) and I took the kids to the Fun Warehouse. Apparently Ashley goes all the time and while it was probably a little out of D's league, it was still awesome. He learned to rollerskate:

And then they played like maniacs in the jump houses. I have no pictures of that as Carrig wanted in on the action and I must have climbed up the jump house slide thing 76 times with him in tow so that we could all slide down together. We totally took over as did my sweat. It.was.gross.

We had such a fun time there though and will totally go back. Next time daddy is coming so mommy can have some help ;)

Last weekend Ashley was over and helped us plant some tomatoes. Can you tell how much Declan loves her????

He full on had meltdown one night when it was time for her to go back to her house. His little body just crumpled to the ground and then he ran after her, ran into her house, and apparently jumped on her bed refusing to leave. I think this might be his first love..........and so it begins.

Best neighbor buds slash maybe first girlfriend. Good thing I know where to find this chic!