C and D

C and D

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thank God for hand sanitizer

In my car.

We were at Wal Mart and decky had to go pee. No biggie, we left the cart, went in to the super disgusting toilets, I had to low voice yell at Declan at least eight times to not touch the potty, he finally went, sprayed me a little but whatever and we got back to shopping. I was sufficiently grossed after that little experience but proud of him nonetheless.

Then we get to the car and he has to go again. Freak! I did NOT want to go back into those horrible bathrooms so I opened the back and front doors of the car and had him in between so no one could see. Right. It's impt to note here that he pees sitting down because he is not tall enough to hit the water even with a stool....so standing and peeing is difficult but we were gonna try.

He insists on taking off undies, pants and shoes. So he is naked. Which is cool. And he squats as if on the toilet, puts his hands on the ground and just peed everywhere. On his hands, his feet, everywhere. So gross. So so so gross. And I couldn't have been more embarrassed because really we were not hidden. As much as I tried.

So I wiped the hell out of his hands and feet and sanitized the sh*t out of them as well.

Time to start practicing how to pee like a big dude, Dec.

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