C and D

C and D

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Picture overload

Look - it is what it is. The following is a conglomeration of randos from the last week:


One morning last week. We love when daddy is home for breakfast :)

How can this smile not make your world go round?

Thursday dropping D off for school. Apparently I did not get the memo that we live at the beach now..........

This is what lunch looks like nowadays when decky wants a pb&j. It does not taste just like peanut butter in case you are wondering. Wowbutter you lie!

Just as big of a pig as his brother. Squash everywhere. Every. Where.

Purple pants. This is what happens when you pee yourself in a booth at a restaurant, your mother is a loser and doesn't pack extra clothes in case of an accident but you are sitting next to a very nice, prepared mother who lets u borrow her daughters extra sweatpants. Paul was less than pleased with this situation.


The end. For now.

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