C and D

C and D

Friday, November 30, 2012

My favorites......

So Carrig is just in the best stage ever right now. Like I really want to bottle his sweet little hiney up and never ever ever ever EVER want to let him grow up. Currently my favorite thing on this earth (and I say that a lot I know, but this time I REALLY mean it) is reading/singing/cuddling him before he goes to sleep. Naps or bedtime. Neither he nor I discriminate.

We sit in his chair in his room, he gets his paci and he snuggles up really really close and doesn't move a muscle. We read "the little mouse, the big hungry bear and the red ripe strawberry" which i can recite word for word btwn Declan and know C, then we cuddle for awhile.....he usually likes to turn over, go cheek to cheek (ah i could die right there) and my favorite song to sing is the lumineers "ho hey". i sing my favorite chorus over and over and over and he just lays with me and I know, with everything that I am, that there's nowhere else he would rather be in the whole wide world.

There is something cool about being that person to someone. A mom. Carrig's mom. There's just nothing like it.