C and D

C and D

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Awesome craft! Do it today.

So Declan is a kid that has to have something to do all the time or he gets antsy and somehow gets in trouble. I have a feeling I will have him enrolled in every sport imaginable just to keep him busy.....
If he gets bored, he is a disaster. He is not one of those kids that just kinda plays nicely by himself. He has to be stimulated and challenged constantly and it is exhausting but I've learned way too often the hard way when I don't have anything planned for him. So - we craft a lot. Yesterday we did something I saw on Pinterest and he looooved it! It was pretty cool and before he went to bed last night he asked me if we could do the "science experiment" again tomorrow. :) pretty cool.
We had all the stuff at home so it was easy. I just put vinegar in three diff cups, added diff food coloring, filled a Tupperware container with baking soda and let him use an eye dropper to squirt the diff colors into the baking soda. Good for fine motor skills too if we are getting technical ;)

It bubbles up and I even thought it was cool. For awhile he stuck to the eye dropper but then he decided to see what would happen if he put some baking soda in the cup. That was cool bc it bubbled up a lot. Then apparently he Thought hmmm what if I dump the cup in the baking soda? And it bubbled up A LOT. I had to hold back and just let him go because I know he was learning and experimenting which I totally want (and I love watching him learn like that) but the mess was less than awesome to clean up.
So anyhow - if u have a toddler and are looking for an easy/cool
Activity that will keep them busy for longer than ten minutes, try this guy!

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