C and D

C and D

Friday, November 16, 2012

Dearest C-man.....

There will come a time when you are no longer the sweet one. The innocent one. The one that keeps everyone sane. Your baby years are far too quickly coming to an end and toddlerhood lurks in the far too close wings.

But for now, you are the "good one". The one everyone wants to hold and cuddle and the one who makes every single person you come in contact with smile. There is no attitude. There is no defiance. There is no tantrum throwing. There is no getting up from the table every two seconds when we are all trying to eat dinner. There is just peace and love. Truly.

I say this because a) I have your brother and b) your cousins are in town. :) there was a time that decky was the gem. Then it was tj and Matthew's time. Now all three of them are lunatics and you are the reminder that there was once peace. And to treasure it because we know what is ahead..........

I love you so much, Carrig James. You will never ever know how much. You light up my world and even though we spend every waking hour together, I can't get enough of you and I literally go in and wake you up in the mornings because I can't wait to see you. I should let you sleep, I know, but your smile is the best thing in my life so why not get it going early. I love you my sweet baby. Our rock.

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