C and D

C and D

Friday, December 7, 2012

Mommy/Decky, daddy/Carrig

Today was so nice. Paul didn't go into work for a reason I did not question, just enjoyed :) initially he said he was going to take both boys to the mall for some dude time but then asked if I could take Declan and he could take Carrig. Cool by me! Declan is a gem when he's by himself and we seriously had the best couple of hours on our date:

This is what I texted Paul around 12:45 when Declan and I were leaving our lunch.
And these are the pics:

Mellow mushroom has pretty good gluten free pizza in case anyone is wondering. We shared one and snuggled and played tic tac toe and snuggled some more. He was the best date ever.

And this kid is just the cutest thing on earth - I could eat those cheeks all day long. All fracking day long.

I had to do some Christmas shopping so Declan tagged along and honest to goodness, he was an angel. Not a word I use often with him but he was. He was so fun and so sweet and so temperLESS. We were out for over four hours and he wasn't a little butt muncher once! He made up for that later though so no worries....
Paul took C to the mall where apparently he flirted with the over 70 crowd of ladies that were in the food court. Paul was very proud......
It was really nice for both of us to get some one on one time with these crazies. I miss It terribly with Declan, and although Carrig knows no other way, he deserves some good alone time too. Hopefully we can make a habit of doing this once a month or so because it really was quite an enjoyable day all around. Parents and kids - win/win!

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