C and D

C and D

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

9 months!

Well, Carrig, I better get your 9 monther up before you are 10 months!

Last week we had your appt and you weighed in at a solid 22lbs. SOLID. We will take off some ounces because you had a onesie on so lets say 21.5lbs and call it good. Holy crap.
You were 27 1/2 inches I think. (They always seem to measure short - at least according to my very precise at-home measurements - and i'm hoping that was the case here because. wow. that is short and chubby my friend :) )
Your head was 18 1/2 inches. I don't know accurate that can be either but hey. A ballpark.
In any case, you continue to be just an absolute gem. You aren't the tallest, (you might be the fattest), probably aren't the smartest or most athletic but dang if you are not the cutest and happiest little thing I've ever seen. You have THE best disposition of any baby I have ever been around. With Declan I think I might have thought this same thing but I can say with confidence, I've been around quite a few babies and toddlers at this point and when I say it Carrig, its true. You love mommy and daddy and your brother, but mainly you just love people. You NEVER cry when someone new comes around. Or takes you from mommy. Where your brother had and continues to display some serious stranger danger, you just smile and laugh. I honestly cannot describe how happy you are, and happy you make everyone around you. Family, neighbors, Decky's friends and their parents, his teachers, everyone. If you have come in contact with this little dude, you know what I am talking about.

You are so laidback and go with the flow. That's lucky because we are verrrryyy busy with your older bro..........he doesn't like to sit still.

You eat..............everything. I don't even really know what to say that you like because I haven't found something that you do NOT like. I guess I will say this, you really hate when we are all eating big people food and you are getting spooned some peas and edamame. Mashed up. In a baby bowl. I have realized you need little pieces of our big people food on your tray and that will keep you somewhat sane. Otherwise you scream.

Chowing on some sweet potatoes and a DELICIOUS pork recipes from a slow cooler recipe book my friend sent me (Sarah you are the deal!!!)

You sleep like a champ. Most days we are waking you up at 8 or 8:30 after going down at 7:30 the night before. Crazy town. You take two or three naps a day. The only issue here is that you will ONLY sleep in your crib.

It can be 11:00 at night and you haven't slept for 7 hours and we will be driving home in the pitch black and you will still not fall asleep because you aren't in your crib. I say this because that happened on Saturday night. You just chatted with Declan the whole way home.

You stand and cruise and climb but you aren't walking yet. Yet.

You and Declan have your own language and its quite annoying adorable. It involves a very high pitched scream. For 10 minutes straight.

Speaking of you and Declan. Y'all are besties and it is amazing. There is no question. I cannot wait wait WAIT to see y'all grow together...

You have six teeth - four up top and 2 on the bottom. You've done a killer job cutting them......you boys are tough cookies!

You wave and clap and dance and I think your first word is either "Pop Pop" or "bye bye" :) Or you are just babbling and we are calling it a word :) (i took this video when paul was recruiting in raleigh and stayed with my dad...........how cute is he? be serious)

YouTube Video

You LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE the water. Daddy always puts you on your back and you just hang out like a big dude. Doesn't bug or scare you for a second.

You tend to favor your left hand. Daddy is pretty excited about that. Apparently lefties are worth way more in the big leagues ;)

You make really funny noises and always try to imitate us. And then you make the BEST faces because you know you exactly what you're doing and think you're hilarious. We do too.

Your butt is ginormous. As are your cheeks. But best of all, your beautiful baby blues......

You are starting to look very much like your daddy.....you have kind of run the gammot on "who does carrig look like" but you are slowly but surely turning into a mini Paul Hogan. There is something so very special about seeing the man you fell in love with's face in that of your child.
You couldn't be a more handsome little dude.

Well buddy, you continue to change and do something new and random every single day. Sometimes every single hour. You have been the best thing on this earth for Declan, and equally so for Daddy and I. We love you more than words. And the best thing is, we will love you more tomorrow. How that is possible, I will just never know.......
Happy 9 months little boogar bear. I can't wait for 999 more.