C and D

C and D

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas Carrig

I hope you enjoyed your trip to the ER. I was kind of joking but now I am very serious....we will be putting new batteries is deckys old toys and wrapping them up and calling them good for your presents. Merrrrrrry Christmas!

Poor little bug :(
He got Declan's croup and while it was cold enough outside when decky got sick, it was really warm for little dude and we just couldn't kick it.....this was us early Monday morning stuffing his head into a freezer :

Ha! It didn't work....Monday he was ok but Monday night it got bad again and he couldn't breathe in at ALL he was scaring me so much....so off we went to the ER.
He was unreal there u would never have known he couldn't breathe and was really sick. Just the happiest dude I can't even deal with him sometimes. If it had been Declan I can only imagine how horrible three hours at a hospital way past his bedtime would have been but Carrig I mean........such a gem.

This is how I felt about it:

I was seconds away from hopping in the shower (it may or may not have been two days since my last one....) when Carrig started screaming so excuse my sweet look.

He got a breathing treatment and steroids and is on the road to recovery.........
First ER trip. Can only imagine how many more we have to go....

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