C and D

C and D

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Be kind....

I just can't stop thinking about what happened in CT on Friday. I have a child that I send off to school two mornings a week. We are currently on Christmas break or else to be honest I probably would have pulled him out for these next few weeks and just had family time. He doesn't get grades, he isn't trying to pass an end of the year test so I wouldn't feel bad. I would feel, however, absolutely horrible to miss those moments with him. And if something were to happen I mean forget about it. Tragic.

I love quotes, that's no secret and there are many that speak to me and my heart. They inspire me, they make me think a little bit differently, they open my eyes, etc etc etc. I love talking to smart people and quotes are like little gems from really smart people...one of my favorites and something I truly TRY (I fail often) to live my life by is this:

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle".

I just love this so much. Its been on my facebook profile page since I created a facebook profile page  - that's when you know you're serious! ;) Ha! But kidding aside, it really is on my fb.....

No matter what, you have no idea what other people in this world are going thru. Your parents, your friends, your brothers or sisters, strangers, people you don't get along with......anyone. You might think you know, but you don't know the whole story. Even my own husband. I know him pretty freaking well but he's also a fairly internal guy so there are things that go on in his head that I have no clue about. I don't know if he's processing something at work that I'm not privy too and that's why he he is in a pissy mood and doesn't want to talk to me tonight.......not that he is pissy often but you get the point :)

I am not into talking about politics on here so I'm not going to broach the gun control argument or even the mental illness issue but I think if we all were kinder to each other, no matter who the person is, our world might be a little bit of a better place. No one has any clue what the other is going thru. You are not in their head or in every aspect of their life so is it really your/our place to judge and treat people poorly based on that judgement? No. Absolutely not.

If there is anything that I can teach my boys, it will be this. There are many things I dream that they will be, but compassionate is no doubt on the top. We were at Wal Mart earlier today and we were checking out and Declan, being only an almost three year old, doesn't discriminate. If he is pissy, he's pissy, if he's happy, he's happy. This morning, he was happy and willingly chatted it up with the cashier. When we left, you could tell she was much happier than when we had gotten there. We talked abotu Decky's glasses and Christmas and having two boys etc etc etc and all the while Decky was super cute and smiley and yelled out "Merry Christmas" when we left. She told him that was the best Merry Christmas she had gotten in a long time. And I believe her. She genuinely seemed touched by him. I don't know if many people just rush thru and don't talk to her or don't ask her questions or don't smile....who knows, I really don't, but I just know that that day, Decky made her smile and I think made her day.

Last night I was at the ER with Carrig. Like I said before, this has been so much on my heart recently so here we are at 10pm in an ER waiting room. And there are some interesting people. Ya know what I mean? My first instinct was to judge them (I'm embarrased to admit) and then I very quickly got so pissed at myself because who am I??? I don't know their story, I have no idea what their life has been like and this quote popped into my head. Be kind.....for everyone is fighting a hard battle.

Luckily my sweet little baby boy doesn't judge a soul - he just loves - and he smiled and waved and babbled and danced for anyone who would look his way. We spent a long time with a nurse in the back and she ended up chasing us down in the parking lot because I had forgotten his sock. I mean...its a sock - really not that big of a deal. But when she got to our car she said "can I say bye one more time to him"?? Again, I think my little buddy made her night. I think he made a couple of people's nights honestly.

I've learned a lot from my children in the past few days....I don't think it takes much, but a smile to a stranger and a genuine "how are you" while you actually LISTEN to their answer goes a really, really long way. You certainly can't control what other people are going to do or how they are going to act or what they are going to say. I've been thru that personally and I've seen it happen time after time to people I love........BUT you can control how you act. You can control what you say. You can control how you treat other people.

Be kind. See what happens.