C and D

C and D

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas parade and buddies!

Last Saturday we had an awesome day, all around. In the morning we went to the Conway Christmas Parade which was equally hilarious and heartwarming. Paul and I just kept saying "small town America........small town America". It is.......small town America there :) Every float was verrrrrrry homemade (but awesome) and promoted a local business or church or school. It was so cute and we just had the best time. We were there for almost two hours just sitting and hanging, watching all the floats and people and jamming to music. And Declan played his trombone.

Decky was pumped and ready to go! Waiting for that first float to come by :)

Mommy was ready too! Kind of a loser............

Carrig was just Carrig. Happy go lucky dude :)

Got super pumped when the above tractor came by. Shocking, I know.

The guy in the right of this picture might have been my favorite  part of the parade. These are the folks from the Conway Medical Center, Fitness Program and they were doing some sort of "dance". "Dance" is in quotes for a reason. He was AMAAAAAAZING. Totally made my day!

Telling ya...ever since Halloween - anyone in costume - he loves.

I love Conway. It was such an awesome place to live. Such a simple life.

After the parade we came home, took naps, and got ready to head to our friends house for game night. They have an almost three year old boy who is Decky's bestie and they had invited friends over who have a 2 yr old girl and 2 month old boy. We had our two so we ended up asking a couple of the Coastal girls to come over and hang with the kids while the parents could enjoy some beverages that did not include Capri Sun. We played down stairs while the kids played upstairs. It was the best night that Paul and I have had out probably since we moved here. Its very very very hard to find couples that you both mesh with. Sometimes I'll like the wife/girlfriend but the husband/bf will not be Paul's type (that sounds weird but you know) or vice versa but these couples are awesome and super easy going and we all just have a ton of fun together. I actually think Paul and Jen's husband might have been separated at birth - they are both hilarious. And annoying to their wives ;)

I have no pictures of this night unfortunately but as we were leaving (at 10:45pm which btw never ever EVER happens i am a sleep nazi and usually have my children in bed by 730 but i figured heck one night.....) Decky said "mommy, decky really good time mommy. mommy fun too?" So sweet and so cute. He definitely didn't want to leave. He and Blake were chasing each other playing with swords up until the second we left. Literally.