C and D

C and D

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Just hangin' and craftin'

We have been laying low and staying home ever since Friday night and decky then carrigs croup situation - I feel bad we had some fun things planned with his buddies but I didn't want to expose them to this crap so we have just stayed home which means we have had to get real creative around here ...it's been a lot of fun though because Declan is so into doing projects right now and it's hilarious. He has always loved painting etc but now it's on another level. Every night or nap time he says," when decky wake up, mommy decky do something fun, do special project" ha! I love that he gets so into it....

Painting with trucks! He looooved this oh my.

Then he did handprints for an hour :)

Pipe cleaners and a colander. His little engineer mind was all about this. He brought it all out again by himself this am:

Markers!!!! He thinks he is too cool for crayons these days so we have moved up.

Decorating and making cookies for his speech pathologist.

And clearly we need to eat some icing.......

He might have stuck his whole hand in the box to sneak a piece before he gave them to mrs berna. Not sure.....

He is not 3. Daddy dressed him....

This one he loves - the baking soda and vinegar. Super over using a dropper to put vinegar in the "white stuff" and full on into making "volcanoes"! If he dumps a big thing of bs into the cup it boils over and he calls it a volcano. Lovely.


Declan and I are having a blast but I'm not sure Paul is a fan. My clean freak husband is slowly losing his mind with the markers, the paint, the paper, the flour, the vinegar...........everywhere.

Kids! Our house won't be our house for another 18 yrs.......hope he gets used to it ;)

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