C and D

C and D

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Night of a thousand candles....

Is so beautiful and I wish pictures came even 1/82647th close to capturing how awesome it is. But they don't, and iPhone pics especially don't. Oh well I took them anyway :)

It's at brookgreen gardens down in pawleys and its just one of my favorite places down here. It was a freeeeeezing night but we braved it and lasted about an hour before heading out to a Mexican restaurant for some dinner. And we didn't have any food for C so we just ordered him a kiddie quesadilla and rice. He mowed.

I'm sort of embarrassed at how much of a pig he is. He was smacking the table if I was even a second late in getting him his food.


Such a fun night.....makes it feel very much like Christmas :)

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