C and D

C and D

Friday, January 25, 2013


Oh my word. I just had the best laugh and unfortunately it was at my little buddy's expense. He is like a dog - both of my boys honestly - he just begs for food constantly and even though he had just finished a massive lunch himself he was salivating over my sandwich.............which had jalapeno spread on it :) He would NOT leave me alone so finally I gave him a little taste. Actually it was a big taste. He took a monster bite and pretty much immediately was like WTF in toddler-land. He grabbed his water faster than I've ever seen him and basically poured it on his face. At that point I was dying because I knew what was happening but he had no clue. He then started licking the table.....even funnier. I guess he thought that would make whatever was happening on his tongue go away. It didn't. Carrig had a bath toy that he was playing with in his seat and Declan, on a rampage to get the taste out of his mouth, grabbed it away and started squeezing the water that was apparently in it, into his mouth. Then he just chowed on Carrig's poor unsuspecting froggy bath toy.

In the meantime I couldn't even breathe I was laughing so hard. Declan just kept looking at me with fear/shock in his eyes and it made me laugh even harder....oh my word. Well, buddy, I hope you learned your lesson! Stick to your food dude!

Oh and PS he still had the piece in his mouth because he's not allowed to spit out his food even if he doesn't like it. That was best part. He was trying to be so good and behave despite the fire that had engulfed his mouth.

When I was able to breathe again and speak I told him he could spit it in my hand.........I'm not totally the meanest mom ever. Close though ;)