C and D

C and D

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hogan Family Christmas!

The boys and I left Charlotte on the 30th and headed down to Atlanta to see the Hogan/Henson clan for a few days. We had big plans and were super excited to go to the aquarium the next morning with the twins and Nancy but Declan woke up at 2am vomitting. Which was cool. Finally around 630am he fell asleep with me...........needless to say we didn't make it :( We basically missed a whole day with them which stunk but the next few days were filled with lots of fun and "talks" about sharing our trucks with our cousins. Carrig was really the only well behaved child, at least in my family...........and that is only because he has absolutely no idea what the hell is going on. Next year he will be a nightmare and the other three will on their way back to the nice child zone...I'm really looking forward to it!

Nancy and Scott have a poodle and he is HUGE! Declan's dream....seriously.....I'm currently working on Paul....

One my faves - he is not gentle. But he does love aunt nancy

I hate that we didn't get any pics of all the boys together.....maybe in 11 years....

Really though we had a great time in Atlanta. I know its hard, especially for Paul's mom, because as much as she loves our boys, she really just wants HER boy there and luckily she has a good one and he surprised her by driving 8 hours after a long day recruiting to tell her Merry Christmas in person :) It was awesome and Carol was a very very happy Nana/mommy! Paul loves loves loves hanging with the twins too and I think they love him too slash they might be a little scared of him because he throws them verrrry high in the air but they totally light up when he comes around so it was really cool that he got to come see them for a day or two :)
Oh oh oh! And Santa is the COOLEST and brought Declan a Lightning McQueen!!!! He was so pumped and per usual took a little while to get used to it but dang he has been obsessed ever since. Props to Santa! (Go nana!!)

These trips always go so quickly and soon enough we were back in the car driving back to the beach. Paul took Declan (totally the easy way out) and I got Carrig (slept for 20 minutes MAYBE the entire 8 hours...) - it was a fun drive. 


A long time away from home and we were sooooo glad to be back. I love being close enough to drive to see our families but I can't say how much I love being back in my own bed. Cuddled up with my husband. Knowing our kids are tucked away nicely in their own beds too.
That is peace.