C and D

C and D

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Declan's little eyes.....

So on Dec 26th Declan had an eye appt in Florence. I think I have mentioned on here that the last time we went, the dr was fairly concerned that the glasses were NOT working the way they should be and Dec's eyes still cross even in them so he wanted to see him pretty quickly again to reevaluate. That ended up being the day after Christmas. Sweet.
It worked out well though because Florence is right on the way to Charlotte so we just made a quick 3 hr stop at the eye doctor :)
And as it turns out.............my fear was confirmed. Declan needs surgery. And he needs it fairly quickly so he will be going under on Feb 5th. I have many concerns here but I guess at the end of the day, I really trust this doctor, he's been awesome with Declan and very very good with me and my emotions (lots of crying at the last visit) and the reality is, when I asked him what the chances are that something could go wrong and Declan could lose his eyesight during the sx, the chances are much much higher that he could lose it if it DOESN'T get the surgery. So......we shall get the surgery. And it will be fine.

Paul and I are going to take Declan up the night before and have a fun little night at the hotel, go swimming at the pool, maybe hit up the hot town of Florence together, snuggle up in a big bed and pray very very very hard that everything goes smoothly. And by the next afternoon, my little buddy will be well on his way to recovery and hopefully we can start moving forward with everything.

I have no idea how this crossing is affecting him and aside from the surgery, this is my other big fear. I don't know if it makes it hard for him to process information, if it affects his speech, if he has to concentrate wayyyy too hard on little projects etc etc etc...I really have no idea, to me it doesn't seem to but I know no different, as does he, so my prayer is that we can get this done, everything will be ok, and Declan can continue to grow and develop into this cool little boy that he is becoming, without anything hindering him.

If you are the praying type, maybe you could pray for him too.......we'd all totally appreciate it.

Love u so much, Dec. one way or another we will get all this figured out for ya buddy!!!