C and D

C and D

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Twins birthday!

I finally got pictures off my camera from the past two months and these little boys were on there!

Our nephews, TJ and Matthew, turned 1 on April 20th but Nancy waited to give their birthday party until a week later so Paul could make it, which meant we all got to go!

She did a ridiculous job. Insane. She has a full time job but THIS was a job in itself....I have no idea where she found the time to do all of this let alone THINK all of it up but the boys had one heckuva 1st birthday party and we were very lucky to be able to go.

Happy Birthday TJ and Matty Moo! We love YOU!

It was a baseball theme so we came with our Yankee gear on

Nancy teaches HS and one of her students made the boys their smash cakes.........delicious and super cute! talented....

Cool idea - "scoreboard" with pics of the boys at every month.

1 year pic!