C and D

C and D

Thursday, May 10, 2012

2 month old!

Hi little buddy! This morning we went to your 2 month appt and mommy's heart was almost ripped out of her chest when you got your shots. I was talking to you and you were looking up at me cooing and smiling like the sweet baby that you are, so innocent, and then your face just crumbled and a scream came out that makes me ill. Please know its for the best.........I don't want you to think I deceived you but that's totally how I felt when you went from happy to sad in .2 seconds. You were fine just as quickly though thank heavens. You're my tough buddy.....

You weigh 13lbs
You are 22 inches long
Your brain is large, about 16.5 inches :)

You have a bigger head, weigh over a pound more and are a half inch shorter than your brother at this age. So funny.......you look longer and thinner to me than I remember decky but nooo - youre even stockier :) when I texted your daddy he said "oh great, another hunt". Ha!!!! Don't you worry, we come from good stock my little man.

You are just as sweet as can be. You remain a huge mamas boy and are extremely cuddly. Extremely. You hate to be put down.......ever. You sleep like a champion at night (about 9pm - 715 or 730...straight!) you've been sleeping like that since about 3 or 4 weeks old so we need to start moving your bedtime back....
You are not a very good napper though but don't worry, your anal and stubborn mommy is on it and we will keep working...
You eat well but I think you prefer the bottle because it comes out so much faster. Later in the days u seem to get very pissed off at the boobie because it isn't as full of milk as the mornings. You gotta work with me dude - I'm trying!!
We don't do enough tummy time with you so I'll try to up my TT game. You sleep on your belly for naps so I think you're afraid I'm trying to put u to sleep and you get mad in a minute.
We love you so much, Carrig James. So much. Your brother is obsessed with you and so are mommy and daddy. Your smiles light up our lives. Thank you for being you......

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