C and D

C and D

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My shadow:

I can go nowhere without this little man right behind me, beside me, up my butt.......literally.

Today I had to take a quick pee and of course Declan was right on my tail. So I go potty and Declan, sweet child of mine, tears off a piece of tissue paper and walks around as if he is going to wipe my butt. Lovely image I know you have in your brain right now.....

A few things I want to remember and note about this. A) I cannot even get a minute to myself to pee. Nope. Right there with me. B) I love how observant he is. Decky is a definite watcher, take it iner, and then a doer. He knows exactly how he process goes. C) I wish he was this enthusiastic about his own potty situation! He is absolutely getting ready I think to train but the thought of that is enough to throw me over the edge right now. I do think though, knowing him, he's taking all of this in, every trip to the potty with mommy, and one day he will just do it and it'll be a non event so im not gonna Stress myself out about this right now.

I'll just keep enjoying my little shadow man and be thankful for the time in our lives that he wants to be around me every single second of every single day. I know this ain't gonna be forever......

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