C and D

C and D

Friday, May 11, 2012

Little four eyes

So this guy:

Is getting glasses :( he has a nice case of esotropia as you can see above due to his pretty severe farsightedness so we had him evaluated by a pediatric ophthalmologist and he told me basically my biggest fear about this situation - that Declan needs
glasses. They are ridiculously expensive and all I see is Declan tearing them off his face every two seconds. And tripping and falling, breaking them. And getting made fun of :(
Hopefully he will surprise everyone and do ok with these things but oh my. I don't have high hopes....
Poor guy, this is definitely a Hunt trait. I was verrry crosseyed as a child and actually ended up having surgery. My brother still wears glasses and was pretty crosseyed as a baby, my dad, all his male ancestors, everyone.......all crosseyed. So it was really just a matter of time. He started doing it when he was tired around naptime over Christmas and it has escalated from there.
Some days I don't even notice it and other days it's almost all day that he is cross eyed. And it is scary looking......it'll freak you out of you aren't prepared.
Next up, finding glasses that will fit his head and actually stay on. Pray for us.

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