C and D

C and D

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dear Pearle Vision of myrtle beach

I apologize. So so much.

Yesterday after the boys afternoon naps I thought it might be a good idea to go see if we could fill Declan's prescription for glasses. Right. Great idea.

I could have filled it at his eye appt on wednesday but a) it was in Florence and I didn't wanna drive 3 hours again for friggin glasses and b) Declan had reached his absolute limit by the time his appt was over (3 hrs in a drs office is gooooood times!!) so we hightailed it out ASAP.

We had to find a place here and my dad called around a little for me and found Pearle Vision and was told they worked with kids a lot. So we went and oh my word. If, by chance, any of you blog readers out there are thinking of opening up an optical center, do not - repeat - NOT, put the glasses at eye level or within arms reach of a toddler. What the sh*t???? For about 28 minutes I chased Declan around the store trying to stop him from touching every flipping pair of glasses. "yeyyow gas! Oooo boo gas!! Ohhh pu-pull gas!" I mean holy smokes he was absolutely not listening to me so then I yelled at him, he basically laughed in my face, I pick him up and he pulls my favorite arching the back move, I could go on....

Meanwhile there are other people in the store looking at me like i am easily the worst mom on the planet. The lady was trying to help me and show me pictures in a book of what we could get decky but like I said, he was running around touching and grabbing every pair possible so I couldn't exactly sit nicely and talk with the lady. Ps carrig was sitting nicely asleep in his carseat until Declan went over and started rocking it and woke him up - which of course made him start screaming. So I have a screaming infant and a crazy toddler. Delightful.

Safe to say we did not get a pair
of glasses and we are damn lucky we didn't walk out with a $2000 bill of broken glasses.

I got in the car and just had to laugh. Otherwise I would have balled my eyes out.

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