C and D

C and D

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dear boys......

Well your daddy was home for a day after being away for five and now he's gone again on a recruiting trip so it has me thinking.

It has me thinking about how much I love him. And how I hope and pray and dream and wish with all of my heart that you will one day have what we have. And be to another human being what your father is to me. He is calm where I am..............not. He is funny where I can be a little too serious. He is confident where I am insecure. He is creative where I am very by the book. He is thoughtful and slow at making decisions where as I tend to jump the gun. He is absolutely everything that I am not but in the same breath we are one person. He completes my life (along with you two) and there's not a better feeling knowing that he is with me. Every step of the way. Every fall I take, he picks me up and is the strong man that little girls dream will one day take care of them.

I believe the best gift that we could ever give you two boys is to show you what it means to give love and receive it in a healthy, loving relationship. We certainly have our differences and I know I annoy daddy and he certainly knows how to piss me off but at the end of the day we love each other more than anything on this earth and I hope as you grow you will see that. And learn from it. Because if we can raise two individuals who know how to love whole heartedly and give of themselves without condition, we will consider our lives a success.

Last week was our 4 year anniversary. 4 years is nothing, I realize, but I'm really proud of us because as I told Paul.....falling in love is easy. People do it every day. Its staying in love that is the hard part but he makes it easy for me. I hope one day you make it easy for someone to fall, and stay, in love with you two. And I hope we are able to show you boys how to do that.......

Love you so much. Love your daddy just a leeeeeetle bit more.