C and D

C and D

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Strawberry fun!

On Friday we went to this cool farm (the one we went to over Halloween) with decky and I's bffs :) we were the only ones there so the owner let the kids run around everywhere. Like in the pen with the baby goats. And chasing the chickens. Declan and kaylie sprinted for 30 minutes straight chasing those daggom chickens. I almost passed out laughing so hard at them it was hilarious. Then we had a picnic lunch and headed over to the strawberry fields to pick a load! It was an awesome idea in theory but it was far from where we parked so the owner packed all 11 of us on his golf cart and drove us. And left us. And it was friggin hot. And carrig was dead weight passed out in the Moby. And Declan was more interested in jumping from row to row so I did about 150 squats with carrig on my front to pick some flipping berries. And yea........

He did finally come back for us thank heavens and we ended up with a massive amount of strawberries after a massively fun morning.

I froze most of them but saved a few to eat this week and today we made strawberry ice cream! I've been itching to use our ice cream maker that Tracy gave me 3 yrs ago and today we dusted it off and put it to work. And it was soooo good. Oh my. Just ask Declan and Paul :)

Front stoop eatin' after dinner. We bribed the hell out of Declan with the "I team" because he was refusing any food other than that. So he had to eat 8 noodles before he could have the friggin "I team" ugh.....2 yr olds!!!!

Mommys big helper ;)

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