C and D

C and D

Monday, March 26, 2012

A very good day

It's no secret that most days around here right now are pretty rough. Between Declan and him fighting me on every single thing and Carrig not being the most adaptable baby, its been frustrating, exhausting, mentally debilitating etc etc etc...............we did, however, have a really good day last week and I don't want that to get lost in this tough time.

Pawleys Island is one of my favorite favorite favorite places around here, its Nancy's favorite beach, and Carol and big Paul used to live very close to it so they always love to visit as well so we all decided to take a trip with the boys down there to the Fresh Market and then head over to the Marsh Walk in Murrells Inlet and grab lunch. There's something about driving down 17 and hitting that area, smelling the salt water, that just puts me in a good mood. I know we live at the beach as well but something is just different down there and I love it.

Despite Decky's meltdown at the end of the trip to Fresh Market, it was awesome and we got tons of yummy goodies. We headed over to the Marsh Walk and Nan and I both rocked out with our double strollers...nothing makes you feel like a hot sexy lady like the limo of strollers........

We had a really wonderful lunch right on the water, all the boys were well behaved (for a 2 yr old and 11 month olds), and Carrig slept right up until the end. That was my second in public nursing session and it went ok....still need some work but I never ONCE nursed Declan outside of the house and now I've done it four times in almost four weeks so we are well on our way ;) This one has no choice.....

We drove home after lunch, boys took naps and then we headed over to the condo where Nancy and Pop were staying. We took the older kids down to the beach and then to the pool where they had such a blast. Living at the beach really does not suck. I'll say it a million more times on here but I do love that part of our new life.........

Nana then made a super super delicious shrimp scampi dinner, the older boys took a bath together and then we headed home.

I know none of this sounds that cool to the average person but to this new mom of two, it was a truly great day out and about, with both my boys, with their wonderful grandmother, super cool aunt and hilarious cousins. I love family, I love that I married into this amazing group that has taken me in, that comes to visit and sees me about 10 times more than they see Paul but they don't ever make me feel like I'm second to him in their eyes. I know Declan's (and now Carrig) probably the reason for that but hey I'll take it ;) haha....truly though, I just feel so lucky to have such a wonderful, big family and family-in-law and last Friday was a really, really good day with them.