C and D

C and D

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A weird week....

Sunday started and ended great with high hopes of a nice Monday off with my boys.

3am rolls around and we are woken up by decky screaming (never ever happens) so I go in and the poor thing is just sitting in his crib, crying, and vomitting on his teddy bear. It just kept coming. And when I picked him up, he chucked on me. So we bathed him and put him back down thinking he was ok until thirty mins later, more crying/vomit fest. So that continued until about 7am when Declan was finally able to relax and lay down with Paul. Until 830 when he decided it was time to be up for the day. Like he hadn't just puked for 4 hrs straight. And like Paul and I weren't super exhausted. So whatevs. Monday was a wash and I was a zombie until............well I still feel like one.

Here's the poor little munchkin wrapped up in his comforter that had just come out of the dryer after being washed.........think we did 6 loads of laundry after those 4 hours.......yummy.

Tuesday night he was up every other hour with a nasty little cold. It seems that as he has gotten older the colds bug him more and more. I think the nights are bad because he can't breathe thru his nose and it really scares him so he needs lots and lots of late night/early morning hugs. he has since given me his cold so now I can't breathe either but for some reason he is not cuddling me at 4am when I'm up........ What a little punk! ;)

Wednesday he was supposed to start school but because of the night before I decided to hold him out. He started Thursday and I will reserve my judgement on it until he is healthy and a little more used to it. Neither day was very good this week and I'm currently trying not to freak out and jump to the "this is not the right place for him" conclusion. We shall see............

Friday morning I woke up having not peed all night long (big mistake but I was too tired to get out of bed) so when I stood up lets just say I thought my water broke. So I sufficiently freaked myself out but after speaking with the dr it was determined that I probably just peed my pants. Awesome. Chalk it up in The "pregnancy rules" column. I rule too.

Sunday we had some friends over for lunch and did a little fondue which was great fun! I ate enough for 8 people so I am really looking forward to my next weigh in :)

Now Paul and I are watching the g-men and I hope with all of my heart they win because it is not fun when his teams lose..........let's go new york football giants!!!! Need a w!!!

Hoping for a fresh, healthy start to the week tomorrow. And Friday was a good reminder for me that as uncomfortable as I may be, I really really hope and pray that this baby keeps cooking for another 4 or 5 weeks. I would much prefer to be late again. Stay in there little love muffin........we can't wait to meet you. But then again - we can :)

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