C and D

C and D

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A family holiday!


We had an awesome Christmas/New Year this year but man it was tiring! Paul drove Declan and I up to Charlotte (well my brother, Graham, met us halfway) on Dec 20th and we were driven back to the beach by Paul's dad on 1/1/12! So we were gone for 12 days from home which is a lot with an almost 2 year old - but it was really a great time and we got to see both sides of our families this year which we haven't been able to do since before I was prego so it was a long time coming! Not sure if we will ever do that again BUT I'm glad we did it this year - next year, everyone can come to the beach! HA! ;)

So to recap and then pics -
Decky and I went up to Charlotte on the 20th while Paul stayed in MB to work until the night of the 23rd. Kenan lives in Clt, Grammy was home from college and Davis flew in from NYC so we got to see all of my brothers for what might have been in the first time in i don't know how long - but it was SO nice. we got to see grandparents, cousins from Germany, cousins kids we had never met (who by the way are all girls and are absolutely GORGEOUS - and total spitfires - i love it), aunts and uncle we hadn't seen in again, years, so it was all in all a really good couple of days at home. christmas eve was the big hunt family get together and my mom pulled off one helluva celebration - good work, GiGi!!!!! it was truly an unforgettable day with our entire family and we were so so glad to be there.

Christmas Eve around 7pm we took off for the ATL in hopes that decky would soon pass out and paul and i could have a peaceful drive - which phew, he did. we pulled in around 11pm and went right to bed because santa still had to come and no one wants to prolong that!!!! so we woke up the next morning, nana had made a delicious breakfast and nancy, scott and the boys came over to have the big Hogan family Christmas! which was hilarious with 3 under 2 yrs of age. lots of playing with wrapping paper - not so much the presents. Christmas night was topped off by my naked son dropping a big deuce on Nana and Pop's hardwood floors (thank God it was the hardwoods and not the carpet!!!!!). Poor buddy had a HORRENDOUS (probably the worst he's had) diaper rash so i was letting him run free for a bit when he decided to squat and let it go.................Merry Christmas to us!

Paul left for Florida to go recruiting on the 27th but Decky and I stayed with Nana and Pop so we got lots of time to hang with them, the twins, and aunt "nanny" and uncle "dot" - it was a fun filled few days and again, we were so glad to have been able to spend the time with them that we were. i always love seeing decky with the babies - this time he wasn't as sweet but that was kind of the theme for christmas this year - he was in a funky mood for about two weeks which was suuuuuuper fun let me tell you! but all of our family handled him well, thank heavens :) and didn't kick him/us out even though i'm sure they wanted to at times......

Here are some pics from our adventure!!! I'll post the phone pics/videos next! (sidenote, i did an extraordinarly horrible job of taking pics this go round ugh....)

Present from Uncle Kenan - John Deere toolbelt - pretty sweet!!!

Paul and his new girlfriend, Emmy

I cannot seem to get away from the little kids table......

Ornery Declan was not into the hugs.....

Cousins - too friggin cute! Emmy and Merrill

the WHOLE fam! We missed you, papaw...

boys. paul - my cousin, jay - my uncle, dave

brosefs minus kenan :(


The baby whisperer..........................

super de duper proud of his new elmo pjs!

as we all are :)

now paul gets a turn with teej...