C and D

C and D

Sunday, January 22, 2012

iPhone Christmas

Emmy and decky cuddling before we had to leave :(

Hogan Christmas!!

Paul getting in a good nap with Matty

We went to this cool jump house and nancy bravely took on introducing my shy child to the goods. He warmed up after 45 minutes..... But it def took that long. Not the adventurous type!!

YouTube Video

But when he goes all in - he goes all in. Serious red face from all the jumping!!!

Feeding cool dude Matthew his bottle

Dancing to sesame!

YouTube Video

Wiped the djeijdbeenheiwnbdkwirbsns out. Ready to go home!

Ps he is wearing my socks. Odd fact but he likes
To help me pick out socks in the morning and he always always always picks these for himself of they are available. Like today (jan 21) for example.

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