C and D

C and D

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The pirate's candy cane

My dad ran a few errands the day of Declan's birthday party for me and came back with this: the party pirate. Pretty sure no alcoholic beverages had been consumed yet...................right????

It totally made me laugh and we had it out for everyone to see but now it's in Declan's room and he LOVES his pirate. He protects him while he sleeps apparently. Good pirate.

A fun fact Declan told me earlier is that he also has a candy cane in his hand!!! "Yook mommy yook!!" A yellow candy cane! Lucky pirate...

I will not burst his bubble and tell him the story of how that "candy cane" came to be...........

Love how kids think. Makes me laugh. Hard.

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