C and D

C and D

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Good friends....

"The women you have your babies with will be your friends for life" said a very wise woman I met over the weekend while visiting our good friends Emily, Ben, Carl and Stephen in Charleston for Carl's birthday party.

Carl and Declan were best buddies, Emily was the one I would talk to a million times a week about what the heez was happening with our 2 year old boys and their attitudes and then riiiight before they moved they had another little boy who was clearly going to be Carrig's BFF :) 

We miss them so much but I absolutely love this little wise tidbit that lady passed on to us.....and I think she is right. I have some really wonderful friends from every part of life that I love and will love forever but this particular point we are at currently I'm just soaking up and so thankful for the people we have met and grown close to. So blessed.