C and D

C and D

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St Patricks Day!!!

I mean I couldn't be more behind on this blog I have stuff from Jan to post still but I can't let this day go without pics from my Irish babies :)

The boys and I went to the parade downtown in north myrtle yesterday morning and it was awesome....

Sweet boy. Think this was post throw up from choking on an apple. Good times.

Post parade with lollipops and necklaces galore.

Declan's buddy, Blake, and his dad met us down there and we decided to try to hit up the festival going on after the parade. Bad idea. A bazillion lunatics in a very small space with three hungry antsy little kids. We spent way too much money on stupid games that won them massive blowup toys (suweeeet) and then had to trek home with all of it.

Josh was a total champ. Blake on his shoulders, pushing Declan in the stroller (Carrig was so over it), carrying said not awesome blowup toys and more. Over a mile in serious heat.

We'll not do that again but we did laugh a lot during :) josh is probably one of the funnier people I know so we had fun even if it was ridiculous.

Paul got back late last night so this am we went to the alligator farm. Cause that's how you always wanted to celebrate st paddys day right?

Carrig wins. Stroller you're out.

After naps we planted our first crop of fruits and veggies in the garden and my trusty sidekick was all ready to rock in his Mickey gardening gloves!

And my favorite pic yesterday of him. Such a badass. My little man........if nothing else the kid is a good looking son of a gun. Hurt me.

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