C and D

C and D

Friday, March 8, 2013

Best morning. Simple morning.

Having two kids is hard. Some days I feel like total superwoman and like its all under control and please Paul let's have another. Other days I feel like a big failure and neither kid got what they needed or wanted or deserved and I have humongous mom guilt. Blah.

Carrigs morning naps have been crucial for Declan/mommy time but the last two weeks or so he has been a bit of a pisser about it all. And that's been hard because a)he is incredibly fussy bc he wants to sleep but won't and b)Declan/mommy time is no more. But this morning, he napped and it was glorious....

Declan and I have been doing an alphabet craft all week so we did that and then he wanted me to draw a picture of us going to the beach (I will not post it is horrid) so we did that and then my favorite.........we snuggled up under the most comfy blanket ever, got like 10 books and just cuddled on the couch reading for forever. It was cold out, kinda dark, crazy little bro was asleep and it was just me and my big buddy cuddling and reading.

Tomorrow is sure to be a shit show so ill be thankful for this today...

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