C and D

C and D

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Surgery time!

So...all in all...Declan just blew me away. He did phenomenal....the hospital was amazing, the doctor and nurses were truly wonderful, Florence treated us well. Since we have been back I keep thinking back on our little 24 hours there and I think I will always think back on those 24 hours and smile. Its this cute little Southern town with lovely people and a bigtime hospital. We got lucky.

We got up there around 5pm and as promised the last few weeks to my little buddy, we went swimming. Cool. Except that the pool is an OUTDOOR pool. And it was CHILLAAAYYYYYY......So we spent most of our time in the hot tub. So that was fun...

We spent the rest of the night out to dinner, watching movies in bed and eating brownies. That he isn't supposed to have. But oh well he was already on prednisone as a prophylactic med JUST IN CASE something went wrong with his anesthesia so i wasn't really worried about having an allergy attack because of some wheat/flour in his brownie. We didn't sleep ummmm.....at all that night. Like literally I do not think I ever went to sleep. Declan is a horrific co-sleeper and I totally should have known better but I really had nice dreams of snuggling all together in bed before surgery :(. None of that happened. Eh - ya win some ya lose some. We won the next day.

We had to be at the hospital at 630am and unfortunately but not unexpectedly, Declan didn't go back until about 9:45. I had raised hell with the surgery coordinator demanding he get in first because if you know Declan and his love for food, by 8am he has already had 4 bowls of cereal so trying to hold him off from 6am on was going to be miserable.....and they promised me he was the second (there was one kid younger) so he should be in the OR by 8. Not so. But he did surprisingly so so so amazing and only asked a few times for "sumpin mommy" - we just kept telling him he had to wait for the doctor to come and he seemed cool with that. Elmo was also very instrumental in this situation.

When they came to take him back I thought we were going to have WW3 but the doctor (who I just love oh so much and so does Decky clearly), held his arms out and Declan went right to him, gave him a hug and they all walked back together. Without mommy and daddy. Shock me shock me shock me. Even the doctor after the sx was like yea ummm not that was surprising. HA! I guess he doesn't do that often but I was so thankful he got some snuggles in with his patient, my baby, before cutting his eyes open. Graphic? Welcome to my world.
Everything went well and they called us back when he started waking up and that was easily the worst part of the day. He. Was. Screaming. And ps he's not the only one back in the recovery area.....which was fun. He was so out of it and confused and not feeling good and HATED with a very serious passion the IV that was in his hand. He kept trying to rip it out and when we wouldn't let him take it out he just screamed louder. And the only way to get the IV out is to drink fluids and show the nurses you can tolerate the fluids so we had to try to get him to drink. That was not happening. There was no convincing. The doctor, the nurses, Paul and I... nothing worked he just screamed for 20 minutes straight and then he finally passed out on me and they wheeled us down to a different more private recovery room. A nurse kept coming in trying to take his vitals which is all well and good but my child has been thru enough at this point so please leave him alone. Pretty sure she wasn't a fan of me but ask me how much I cared....... No one was going to mess with him at that point....let the boy sleep.

Finally he woke up much much much happier, drank some juice, ate a couple popsicles and passed the nurses test so we got to leave! We drove home and within one hour he had already
snuck onto the trampoline. Big no no......but at least I knew my Declan was back.

We go back to Florence this Tuesday for a check up and I'll be curious to see what the doctor says but to my non professional eye ;).....he looks phenomenal. We are still wearing glasses because I get nervous about that right eye turning back in but so far, they are straight as can be and he just looks so handsome..................

I could not...not not not NOT...be more proud of my little boy. He did absolutely amazing and he's so strong and he's so tough and he's so resilient and he's such a little fighter baby boy. Oh. I could go on and on about him but bottom line - one more obstacle down and Declan kicked its hiney. Hard.