C and D

C and D

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Super Bowl!

Our friends Lauren and James had us over for the Super Bowl and we had such a fun time! Lauren put out a spread that oh my word......I think Paul wanted to move in. So yummy. I kinda wanted to move in too... Carrig loved hanging with their 4 month old, Landon. Lots of kisses...lotttsssss of kisses....

I think Landon might have been happy when we left

Declan and Blakey had serious chat over dinosaurs and fruit snacks.

Then they wrestled and as per usual it was fun until Declan took it too far and pulled a WWE move out....

The older kids ended the night with a movie upstairs all snuggled on one chair. Ask me how fun that was trying to get declan and blake away from Quinn and the movie.....

And we didn't watch one second of the Super Bowl but we did YouTube some commercials the next day! Yay for having kids and not ever getting to watch a sporting event in real time ever again! ;)
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