C and D

C and D

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A real mom moment

My very good friend, Jen (Blake's mommy) has now had her sweet baby girl Lilly but about two weeks ago she was on the verge of popping L out and I remember those last few days running around crazy trying to get everything ready so I offered to take Blakey for a little while while she ran some errands. Turns out she had a few drs/hospital appts the next day and she asked if I could pick Blake up from school and take him home with us. Uhhh yea!!!!!! I love me some Blakey, he is seriously the sweetest little 3 yr old around and he is deckys best friend so it was a total win win.

It's weird but I think that day was one of the first moments I really really reaalllly felt like a stay at home mom. Like carpooling, fixing lunch for other kids, play dating without the other moms there....it was real. The boys don't seem old enough for this!!!! Gosh - but we had so much fun and I'm so thankful to have a friend like her where we can just swap kids and its no big deal. Like literally swap kids - she called me the other day after pickup and apparently when she pulled around that day they brought Declan out instead of Blake. Ha! And he was full on getting into her car like hi miss Jen I'm ready to go! Awesome. It actually makes me so happy tho that those two are so tight.......

My backseat was jammin!

They will chase each other for daysssss..........trying to get a good non blurry pic = impossible.

Blakey full on thinks he is a dinosaur so we growl a lot when he's around.

My three boys...love em

We cooled it for a movie for a few mins. Lasted a solid 3.

Such a fun day with some of my favorite little dudes ever. I may or may not have taken a nap when they went down.....the amount of energy it takes to run after those crazies is intense! Would never have it any other way tho....

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