C and D

C and D

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Very very rare cuddle sesh with those crazy fella:

Sweet hair:

The other day Declan played with playdoh the entire day. I kept waiting for him to get bored but we sat there for hours..................hours and hours....
And he made me this delightfulness:

He goes "yook mommy yook! I made a poopy!" Haha I almost died. Hilarious and yes that does look like a big poop. He then asked me if I wanted to eat it.
Thanks for sharing???????

We went up to see Paul on Sunday bc he was working camp and apparently Carrig decided to take one of the girls phones and take pics of himself:

Its a shame those cheeks are not the byproduct of a bad angle. They are legit.

Two of the girls got Declan a bday present and he wanted to wear it immediately! He loves rylie!!! Couldn't take his eyes off of her I guess ;)

I just can't get enough of his eyes :) love seeing them again.....

And just because:

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