C and D

C and D

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My dear sweet baby C:

I have no clue what type of man you will turn into but I just want you to know, as an infant you are the sweetest, most cuddly little boy ive ever been around. And it warms your mushy mommys heart. I am a serious cuddle lover myself so to snuggle you all day everyday has been a blessing I really didn't even know I wanted or needed. You have been so amazing for our family, Carrig. You absolutely complete it.

You are my sweet kissy face cuddle bug and I love you more than I ever ever ever thought possible.

Here you are tonight after a fun filled night of flirting with daddy's players. You were your sweet smiley self and made quite an impression. These might be your best years in the girl dept so I'll try to take more pics for ya so as to document that at one point in your life, you had 5 super cute girls fighting over you :)

Love you monkey!!!!!

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