C and D

C and D

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Last Wednesday, the four of us drove up to Charlotte as Paul was flying out of there to Colorado and then Texas for a week. I did not, repeat, NOT, want to be by myself with these crazies so we went to stay with my parents while he was gone. And it was awesome.....I'm so so so sooooo (get the point?) glad that we went. It was my first time being in Charlotte for more than a few days probably since I was in college home on break and I really got to enjoy some downtime in my old hometown. Which, by the way, is far different than when I grew up - way cooler. We had tons of family time, a little friend time, a couple farmers market trips, a few trips to my favorite stores (trader joes and nordstrom yayyy!!), multiple trips to the park and feeding the ducks, and just overall a massive amount of snuggles, cuddles, smiles and laughter with these boys.

I've said it before, but having kids just makes your life better. It makes every activity, maybe a little more difficult and/or stressful, but SO much more fun. They are loud and wild but the love they bring......oh the love. They brought it to Charlotte and hopefully my family had as much fun as we did :) I know my mom probably doesn't miss all the extra clutter, I know my brother doesn't miss the early morning truck running and screaming "maaaaaa, the meatloaffff", I know my dad doesn't miss the public freakouts over wanting candy when its in fact time to eat dinner (real food) at a restaurant but I do hope they miss the laughter that comes with the clutter of toys, the smiles that comes with the early mornings and......not sure what comes with the public freakouts but if I come up with something i'll let ya know ;) we had an absolute blast and as always, so glad to be so much closer to FAMILY!

Some pics from the trip:

Didn't even make it to Paul's school before this kid was out...

A two year olds best friend

Pretty Llandy!

Beautiful Llewellyn/Cox ladies with my boy.........

 My 2nd mom with my 2nd baby boy

Mamaw giving Carrig a little bottle. Mamaw and Gammy did in fact fight over who would feed him...love them!

Uncle Kenan!!! (or "nanny" as decky is saying right now...)

Kenan let me eat first and I loved watching him try to juggle a hot dog and a 3 month old. It was fantastic - love you nanner naner!

This little cheese monkey's face is what I saw every time I would glance over at him. He's such a trip and he knows it. He just smiles all.the.time.

Somebody loves his Uncle Boo Boo!

Spent 30 mins at Lens Crafters trying to get Dec's glasses fit a little better to his head. 30 mins later and not one person had helped us so we resorted to a lollipop and serious spinning in the chair. We then left......

How old does he look here? It kills me...looking at him and my heart just beats out of my chest. I love him so.

......and then he does this shiz.

I was pumping and my mom came downstairs and asked where Decky was. I thought he was in the hallway playing with his trucks. He was in fact in the hallway, playing with the diaper cream, putting it all over his face like daddy does when he shaves....................my mom and I laughed for 15 minutes straight but really, it wasn't funny trying to get that crap off.

The hair was especially special.


And the next morning, we had a toothpaste incident. Boys. FREAKING BOYS.

I came down from taking a shower and apparently C had woken up from his nap. My brother had gone to get him and they were just hanging, watching some TV. Best buds.

His smile kills me. Yours too, Boo ;)

Visiting Gammy and Grandy!

 Trying to get a pic with my mom and the boys. More difficult than you might think.....or if you have kids, maybe its not.

Love them! Love love love

Declan's crack - popsicles.

The end. We had such a wonderful time. Thanks mom, dad, Grammy and Kenan. Love you guys so much and so glad we got to spend some really good time together last week. MISS YOU!