C and D

C and D

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Little four eyes

Well........they're in. And sometimes they are on :) we got a call Wednesday that deckys glasses were in so when Paul came home from work I left him with c and dec and I went to go pick them up! He did sooooo wonderful and was sooooo excited to get them that he did amazing the first night and really got my hopes up. We have been talking about these and trying on different pairs for weeks now so he was real pumped to get his "eyes" as he calls them. That night he was screaming for me at 845pm to come in to his room and read him another book so that could put his eyes on :) it was really cute.
Ever since then though he hasn't done as well. Ha! Go figure. He's pretty hot and cold with them. We have already had them adjusted once and I think we will have to go back again this week because they don't sit on his face properly and it bugs. Him and me. I can't tell if they are helping him or just annoying him. I guess time will tell.
For now though, I'm just glad we haven't lost or broken them. Score, mommy and daddy!!

He is so damn cute. Love you little four eyes!!

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