C and D

C and D

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hogan/Henson Fam!

This post is gonna be a combo as I had a few in the drafts that I haven't finished because my posting has been so sparce recently so here we go:

Nancy, the twins, Nana and Pop came up for a few days a couple weeks ago and we had a great time as usual. Nancy and the boys stayed with Decky and I (Paul was out of town) so Nana and Pop got a little bit of a vacation, although Nana took Decky for a day for me so that Nancy and I could do some shopping. The twins are muuuuuch better shoppers than Declan so they were great companions. Declan would have been a disaster.

In any case, for some reason I have tons of pics of Declan and Matty from this visit so here ya go:
Declan likes to get on his level. Its so cute........

Watching Elmo. Clearly they both hate it ;)

AH! gonna be such a good big brother Decky Doo!!! Trying to feed Matty his bottle...

Unwelcomed splash thanks to Declan Brady

And gotta give TJ some love:

Then last weekend we went down to Atlanta because Paul was going to recruit at the Final Four tournament so we decided to tag along. THEN my alma mater, Wake Forest, won their Elite 8 game which advanced them to the Final Four so it was even better!!!!! There was a massive alumni push to get a big crew together for the game and people flew in from all over the country so not only was it another great weekend with the Hogans/Hensons, it was also an alumni weekend :) Friday night I got to go to the game and then Saturday afternoon Declan and I went to the alumni "soccer game" and cheered on the "players" :) It was hilarious! And so fun. 

We also had another great weekend with Nana, Pop and co :) Carol takes care of the twins while Nancy works so Friday Declan, the boys, Nana and I took lunch down to Nancy at her school and had a good ole time. Nan has this massive screen in her room that hooks up to the computer so she pulled up the "Elmo slide" (think electric slide with decky's beloved elmo) and Declan danced to that for a good long while. We now have to watch it 8 times a day at home. Thanks Aunt Nancy ;) LOVE YA! hahahaa. 

Saturday morning we took Declan up to the local firehouse where they were having "breakfast with Santa" so Decky got to look at Santa from a very far away place as he is a super scaredy cat, and climb in fire trucks. Good combo! Saturday night we took all the boys to the Christmas parade in their downtown and it was really fun and festive. Sunday we had a cool little photo sesh and then headed on our way back to the MB! All in all, a wonderful weekend :) We are really looking forward to heading back there for Christmas and spending some more time with the fam. Love you guys!!!!

Some pics from the weekend: