C and D

C and D

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Park days...

We go to the park almost every day. We have tons around and we switch it up but for post nap afternoon park time Declan bikes and Carrig and I backpack it up to the school. Some pics:

He is a jumper....

And a climber


That did not go well

This pic makes me laugh between the bunny ear shadow and C faceplanting the second I took the pic. Real life.

Kid is strong as an ox he held that for minutes......that's a long time for a little boy!

No pants. That's how we roll.

And this was on the way home.
Often Declan will stop and say "I go see Carrig" and kiss him,
and lay on him. Cute. Kind of annoying....my patience wears thin by the end of our trips and mommy just wants to get home!

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