C and D

C and D

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Well.......Carrig James........you did it. Not sure where to begin with how much we love you, big guy. And when I say "big guy", I mean it. You're a bit of a monster, weighing in at a solid 26 lbs and coming close to the 29 inch mark. That is short and stocky my friend. Very short. Very stocky. My boy :)

You remain this shockingly happy go lucky, very outgoing, very flirtateous, very observant, very very very cuddly mushy baby boy and we are all soaking up every second with you.

This past year has been so cool because unlike your brother, I got to spend every single minute with you. We are best friends, you and me. Yet you have no problem leaving me or giving strangers big hugs and kisses and walking into an unknown lady's arms. The whole separation anxiety phase was here for maybe 5 days and then left rather abruptly....you are just so friendly and love people that I've said it before, but boy you make so many people's days, every day. Your smile is a light in this world buddy, never let it go.

You love Declan more than anyone else on earth and I've told daddy repeatedly, you're kind of like Jesus. No matter how many times Declan hurts you or takes a toy from you or goes out of his way to be rude and disrespectful to you, your love never wavers. You still look at him like he hung the moon and while frightening (Declan, pick your game up buddy...), its pretty stinking cool. There are moments every single day where I look at the two of you, being sweet or making each other laugh and everything makes sense. All the worries and stress I have go away because those moments are what its all about.

You looooooove yourself some food. 26 pounds worth of love. I think that's off the charts, which is cool. You eat really really well and so far aren't picky. Your favorites are any type of fruit, bagels (you go into the bread drawer and grab the bag and bring them to me when you want one. so that's cool), this horribly gross broccoli/cauliflower/spinach baby food thing i make, mexican (you have yet to turn down a quesadilla packed with quac and salsa), green smoothies, anything Declan is having and your morning oatmeal. You're still taking a bottle in the am and a bottle before bed with milk but hoping to ween you of that soon. Otherwise you do awesome with water in the sippy during the day.

You, like your bro, bucked your morning nap around 12 months and for a little while you (mommy) was having a bit of a hard time with that but I think we've got it down now. You are my late sleeper....many days I have to wake you around 9 or 930...but you aren't as consistent as Declan. If you get sick or have a tooth coming thru or something you are definitely more likely to wake up in the middle of the night but that's ok. Its almost like you have given us a second chance and instead of getting worked up, daddy and I just enjoy that rare alone cuddle time with our baby........so thank you for that buddy.

You started walking for real about a week before your birthday. SO much later than Declan but I think thats kind of your personality. You're very much like whateverrrrrrr and were just happy crawling so we didn't push it. You actually ran around the kitchen tonight so I mean........we're good. You've also started jumping (Declan is a wonderful example) and climbing so we are just well on our way into total boyhood.

You have eight teeth (4 on top and 4 on bottom) and for the most part, have taken them like a champ. I can't tell for sure when you're teething or cutting a tooth, but there have certainly been some crankier days than others so I just assume that's when it hurts you?????

You babble quite a bit and I'm pretty sure say "get out", "get up", "go out" (are we sensing a pattern? someone likes it outside), "decky" and a few other things I can't think of right now. You sure make a lot of weird noises too and they just make me laugh very very verrrrry hard.

You are a bit of an entertainer and for a 13 month old, have awesome timing. You wait for a reaction and then give a funny face and follow it up with the cutest laugh. You're gonna totally be the goofy brother. Which is SO welcomed :)

You still............hate the car. And it is brutal. I have nothing else to say about that. I'm hoping in 17 years I can laugh about it.

You're still super laidback and haven't shown tooooo many signs of attitude although I will say you and Declan fight ummm every other minute and whenever he takes something from you, you yell and look at me because you know I'll help. You kind of have the game down, my friend. Good work.

You have awesome hair and we have no plans to cut it. Its long and we get told daily what a beautiful girl you are but you are so stinkin' cute and how many times are you going to be able to get away with long hair as a boy? You're a rockstar.

Carrig, this past year has flown by but in so many ways I feel like we have gotten to savor the moments. The sweet moments as well as the absolutely ridiculous ones. We are so enamored with you, little love bug. Sometimes at night I just snuggle up really really close and rock you and smell your sweet, clean baby smell and I'm telling you, I never want to let go. Thank you for being your hilarious, happy, beautiful unique self. I can't wait to see what this next year holds baby boy!

13 years from now.........
Please, Lord, make it go slow.......