C and D

C and D

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter 2013

A) I can't believe it is 2013. Since I no longer work in a professional environment I literally never write the date out and it was just very odd to write 2-0-1-3. Crap!
B) We had a great Easter this year. Wonderful weather, good family time, awesome friends and we even snuck in a few talks with Decky about Jesus. He was, unfortunately, muuuuch more excited about the Easter bunny coming to his house. One day, Decky...one day you will get it :)

Post dying eggs one morning.....that was fun.................

We have a really delicious cupcake shop near our house and they were having an Easter celebration with the Easter bunny, face painting and free cupcakes so we decided to check that out and they did not disappoint. We got there right when it opened so there weren't too many peopel there so Carrig got the Easter bunny all to himself and he couldn't have been more pleased. That kid is not scared of anyone or anything. Declan (and Uncle Kenan) would have run and hid under my shirt for days if he had seen a dressed up big person when he was 1, but not my little bubbly buddy! Decky's old enough now to get it and he loooooved the bunny and was so pumped about the cupcakes. He got to eat lots of icing because the cupcakes weren't GF. Freakin' A! Guess that means mommy has to eat them.....

Sunday when Declan woke up the Easter bunny had put out a little note for him sending him on an egg hunt to find his basket! He was groggy and confused and not has pumped as the Easter bunny had hoped he would be buuuuut that's ok. We will try again. The Easter bunny had a lot of fun at least :)

Later that morning I went to church while Paul stayed back with the boys and they had some dude time. I'd like to put a video camera in here during those times just to have a little looksee at what goes on....whatever happens though they always have fun and everyone was happy when I came home. I thoroughly enjoyed some mommy/God time so it was a great morning.

For lunch and the afternoon we went over to our friends house. Jen had set up an awesome egg hunt for the boys and Blake and Declan ran around the house multiple times filling their baskets. The excitement was enormous. As was the sugar crash. Jen got some seriously awesome pics of the boys so I'll post those soon hopefully. We love them very very much and were lucky to have spent a special day with them...

On the way home, Carrig was so ridiculously past his naptime and this is what he looked like: hot.

We tried so hard to keep him up til he got home and he tried so hard to defy us.
He borrowed his gf's paci over there which adds to this sweet look.

Needless to say, he took a good nap and so did Declan and I. He is for real the perfect little spoon size right now and he let me just cuddle him and we slept for two hours it was phenom. Oh my gosh I loved it. Never happens and it was such a sweet cuddlefest....

Declan going thru all his stash and putting his coins in his piggy bank!

Great day with great friends and most importantly, great Savior that has risen! Hope y'all had an awesome Easter too!