C and D

C and D

Thursday, April 11, 2013


For Christmas my parents gave Declan three tickets to the monster truck show and he decided to take mommy and daddy! Isn't he the nicest?!?!?!? :) No but seriously, he was in heaven and it was very cool if I do say so myself. I once read in a book that "sometimes to love something yourself, you have to watch someone else love it first." I feel that way about monster trucks. And all things that "go", for that matter these days.

 These things are HUGE. I was no expecting the enormity of it all.

 He was so pumped to go in! Cheesy smile to the max!
 Ear plugs! Total necessity.

 He stood at this railing watching the trucks rev up and clear out for the show for such a long time. Every time a new one would get going he would race over and glue himself here...so cute.

So crazy to see Declan with longer hair and glasses. Unreal what happens in just a few months......

Thanks GiGi and PopPop for such a cool present and trip for our little buddy! He STILL talks about this (although that shouldn't be a surprise for anyone) and was so up his alley. Dec, you're lucky to have such awesome grandparents who know you're little truck loving heart :)