C and D

C and D

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Carrig James

My little love - you are almost 18 months old and oh are you a mess. I struggle to describe you to people - you are almost one of those folks that just needs to be met to understand the level of charm, charisma, happiness, personality and cuddliness that you possess. Its remarkable - absolutely remarkable. You are SO full of life and are SO smart and SO charming that you just weasel your way out of ever getting in trouble with mommy (daddy sometimes yells at you but not me, i can't seem to muster the strength) and you are just T-ROUBLE with a million capital T's. Oh you are going to give me fits when you're older, I think, but for now you are my beautiful baby that brings smiles every single place you ever go. Love you so so so so much.........now stop.growing.

You are a really, really, realllllllly good athlete. Here ya go mid-trip. ;)

Time-out with Declan isn't working these days because Carrig just goes over and acts his goofball self trying to make D laugh.

post nap hair and really helpful in the grocery store. or not.

When he's hungry, he just climbs into his chair and expects me to bring food asap.

Is not as sweet as Declan with the puppies.......but he does try. and he is cute while trying :)


My little best bud with a bit of a tude.

We went for a walk one day and I didn't bring shoes (or clothes) for C becasue I thought it was going to be quick but he demanded to get out and walked on the super hot black pavement. Barefoot. Which was weird.

Lovessssssss Declan. Loves him. He's like Jesus I swear. No matter how many times D hurts him, he still loves him so very much.

Is an absolutely disgusting eater. Popsicles especially.

Never leaves his mommy's side. Brushing teeth in the am on his bike. Obvi.

Is wild. Absolutely wild.

Oh my. This is my biggest battle right now. He is such a menace and is soooooo into tubes of lotion/toothpaste/shampoos etc etc etc and the minute I look away goes somewhere that he shouldn't and pours everything out and/or tries to eat it. Caught him this time before any damage was done.......

Has beautiful hair that I just cannot cut.......

Gets abused by Declan daily. I was on the phone with my dad one afternoon for a very serious convo and the boys were "quiet" so i was very thankful. Come to find, Declan turned on the hose, sprayed his brother down and then poured finger paint all over him. If I don't call you back.......ever.....its because stuff like this happens every single time I'm not on their little butts.

Goodnight sweet crazy baby. You keep us on our toes every second of the day.