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C and D

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


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So Declan just popped out with this the other day. I couldn't believe it! His school is so awesome and seriously every day he learns something new and important (I guess that's what happens at school huh) but I was so proud that's a lot to remember for a little buddy and he recites it like a champ!

Paul and I both want very much to raise strong boys who are proud to be American and I'm so glad his school has started this early and engraining it into his head.

Yesterday was Veteran's Day and we had a neighbor that came back from overseas over the weekend so Paul had the really good idea of having the boys make cookies for him and bringing them over.

Deckys a big helper when it comes to cooking so he and I had a fun afternoon making and decorating these and when carrig woke up we took them over. And it was really a cool moment ( i teared up of course) but I tried hard to explain what we were doing and why it's so impt to thank and respect members of our military so decky went over and said "thank you for fighting our country".....SO close :) but Michael (our marine neighbor) was so unbelievably nice and gracious and actually asked if he could shake Declan's hand. That's when I teared up. Here was this awesome kid (he was so young I couldn't believe he is in the marines) who had been away for 8 months in combat and he was just incredibly nice and wonderful to my little boy, thanking us when all we wanted to do was thank him.

It was a cool moment and I'm thankful to Paul for being such an awesome dad and putting together ideas that drive home the values etc we are trying to teach the boys.

Go America.

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