C and D

C and D

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Uncle Kenan

My brother came into town in the middle of August which was so cool of him. I know he was looking for some good beach/pool/nephew time but instead he got some cold/rainy/nephew time. But he was a really good sport and even took Declan swimming in the 65 degree rainy weather. One windy stormy night we went out to a bar by the beach (with the children, mom and uncle of the year), ate, had a few drinks and then went to the water for a little. Got some really really realllllly good iPhone pics with the stormy clouds in the background...

Saturday night Paul was home so we took Kenan and the boys down to Murrells Inlet and had a really fun night eating along the marsh walk. Like I said, the weather was iffy, but that means it wasn't hot in the slightest so it was just so so nice hanging out and eating outside. Love that so much....

Declan was so sad when Uncle Kenan and Uncle Addison (his dog) left on Sunday......he loved having an extra cool playmate here for a few days. I love that we live close enough to our families that we can have fun weekend visits and I love having an awesome brother who wants to come spend his weekends with a 3 and 1 yr old.....love you Nanner Nanner!

 At one point I looked at my brother and said, "Is it weird to you that most of these people that see us definitely think I'm the mom and you are the dad to these two animals?" - Emphatic yes. ;)

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